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The bounce rate for websites is one of the most popular, and misunderstood¹ Google Analytics metrics to measure site health. Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions a page of your website has where the viewer doesn’t perform any action on the page.

This can also be applied to blog posts, for the duration of the article we’ll say page. However, a page is static, evergreen content, whereas a blog post is often more dynamic, easier to update, and you create new posts regularly.

When it’s high, site managers worry about the quality of their site, and the impact…

(Which we probably are not worthy of)

If you follow superhero movies, then you’ve probably seen Marvel’s comic book hero Thor. Based on the Aesir god Thor from Norse mythology, he first appeared in Marvel comics in 1962, and appeared in a whopping eight Marvel movies so far. One of the most important aspects of this character is his weapon — Mjolnir. It can only be wielded by one who is worthy, and it seems to grant a lot of different powers to whoever has control of it. Is it possible to create a hammer with these powers? Let’s find out!

Thor and Mjolnir in Norse Mythology

Before comic book Thor appeared on…

He’s the star of every online video test like…ever

Big Buck Bunny!

It’s Easter, so I thought I’d mention Big Buck Bunny. He’s the star of a short film titled ‘Big Buck Bunny.’ It’s a film that appears pretty much any time a media player needs a preview. Here’s the movie, if you’ve never seen it:

The movie is about a chubby rabbit who gets harassed by a flying squirrel and a couple of rodents. In the beginning, Big Buck Bunny doesn’t have a response, but then they go too far, prompting the rabbit to take revenge. …

Semi-recently, I wrote an article about Smell-o-vision in books and movies. And the end result of that article was I was contacted by two different companies that specialize in the creation of some kind of smell-o-vision. No longer a novelty, it’s a real, viable technology that you are going to start seeing more and more of. While we can all guess the use case of ‘entertainment’ I think you’ll be surprised that smell-o-vision is also currently being developed for use in training and therapy.

When it comes to training and therapy, there are companies developing virtual reality (VR) programs to…

Binary file, read and write files, and more

colored file folders organized by color on shelves
colored file folders organized by color on shelves
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Something that’s a little bit confusing when you want to create new files in Python is how to exclusively create a new file. Often you’ll see code samples that show you how to create a new file as part of writing to the file. This works, but then you need to check to make sure you’re not overwriting an existing file. Fortunately, there’s a way to create an empty file in Python where you automatically check if the file exists.

Create a New File Exclusively

When you use read or write to create a new file, Python doesn’t check if the file exists. Instead, if…

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When I was a teen, a happily married woman taught me three questions you can ask to find the one. Her questions always stuck with me. Maybe they’ll work for you.

Question One — Initial Chemistry

We talked about the importance of chemistry, and she said “You’ll know it when you feel it.” So, chemistry isn’t so much about asking questions, it’s about paying attention to how someone makes you feel. That’s what I thought but she said, “No, you can ask questions about chemistry. When you’re with the person, do you feel good? That’s the first thing to look for.” She said feeling good…


FFMPEG is a powerful tool for working with video and multimedia files, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what’s going wrong. With any luck, you’ll be able to find a solution to your problem in this stack of troubleshooting tips for FFMPEG. (And if you’re looking for a Getting Started guide to FFMPEG, check out my article FFMPEG for Beginners.)

XYZ Script for Something Doesn’t Work

Keep it Simple

When you’re trying your first script out, simple is best. If you cut and paste or write an elaborate ffmpeg script and find it doesn’t work, pare it down. What’s the simplest command going on in your…

A GIF differs from a video in that it’s an animated image. It’s also a type of image sequence. How does an image sequence differ from a video? Aren’t all videos just sequences of images? In some respects, yes, in others no. The difference lies in how the containers and files inside the containers are configured, as we’ll soon find out.

What’s a GIF?

GIF is short for graphics interchange format, and first appeared in 1987. This format was developed by a team led by Steve Wilhite at CompuServe. GIFs work by compressing a set of frames or images into an image…

Let’s learn how to live stream using the FFMPEG command-line interface for Mac and Python, then write a program that will do everything for us in Python. For the camera and audio, we’ll use what’s built-in to your Mac. You can attach another camera if you want, this tutorial should help with figuring out how to do that too. We recommend trying this tutorial as-is first.


  • Mac (as always, you can tweak the instructions for Linux or PC but it’s a Mac focused tutorial)
  • Homebrew — if you don’t have it we’ll include a little about installing it
  • Xcode —…

Today we’ll use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), the API, and Python to set up a live stream! A common interest people have right away is being able to live stream straight from the browser. If this is something you need, you’ll want to check out this demo — — instead of this tutorial. There are various reasons that live streaming from the browser isn’t common, but explaining why is beyond the scope of this tutorial. So if you’re ready, onwards! Let’s set up our own live stream!

A quick note before we get started — you can create…

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