The history of long distance communication through the use of electricity gets it start way back in 1729. That’s when Stephen Grey discovered that electricity could be sent long distance using insulated copper wires. But how did we get from zapping each other over a distance all the way to texting? This timeline should explain that.

1799 — Volta invents the electric battery

Alessandro Volta created the first electric battery and named it the Voltaic cell. It consisted of two plates of different metals immersed in chemicals that generated electricity. The electricity flowed evenly through a conductor in a closed circuit. Because it was the very first…

FFMPEG allows you to stream and live stream video, but sometimes what the output means can get confusing. If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on with the output to your terminal, today we’ll go through that information using the demo. (The output from the demo applies to many kinds of live streams using H.264 — if you are using something else much of this content will still be useful.) If you like, go ahead and run the demo, then grab the output from your terminal. Or you can follow along with the sample I’m pasting here, which came from…

Tony Hawk riding a Hendo hoverboard!

The Back to the Future franchise showcased many technologies we’re supposed to have right now, like a 2 and 1/2 inch dehydrated pizza that transforms into a complete 15 inch pizza. (Where is this wonderful technology? Maybe we don’t have it because it’s too easy to shoplift?) Aside from this and other incredible technologies displayed (such as the ability to travel through time using a DeLorean that’s powered by trash) was the hoverboard. We all hoped we’d have those by now. And it turns out, we do! Sort of. …

Writing on paper
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Dropzone.js is an incredibly cool JavaScript library that lets you upload files immediately by dragging a file to a zone and dropping it. Then Dropzone does the rest, sending your file off to be saved wherever you specify. You can drop multiple files or a single file. Flask is a WSGI web application framework that makes building web applications easy. There is a fantastic tutorial if you want to use basic Dropzone called “Handling File Uploads With Flask.”

However, what if you want to add your Dropzone to an existing form and receive both files and form data with your…

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You don’t need to know much about the human eye to use video compression standards . However, if you want to understand why they are designed the way they are, or tune your compression, knowing a little bit about the human eye goes a long way. Here are 5 facts about the human eye that directly influence our compression standards.

1. When it comes to colors, the human eye sees green best, red second best, and a little bit of blue.

Impact: Algorithms and video gear that focus on capturing green more than other colors. Humans process brightness and color differently. Because we are most sensitive to green, the way we see brightness is determined by how much green we see…

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Video compression reduces the total number of bits you need to represent an image or video. Over the years people have come up with many different algorithms for compressing video. While video compression seems very modern, it has a long history that begins with analog video. In our review of the history of video compression, we’ll stop at some major milestones that brought us to where we are today. You’ll notice that in the beginning, new developments are concepts, then eventually these become various video compression standards. …

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When it comes to Bottle, Flask, and Django, you’ll usually see only two of them described in an article at a time. However, these three tools help you accomplish similar tasks when it comes to developing web applications with Python. It seems only right to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each and when you’d want to use them.


Bottle is a fast, micro web framework for Python. It has no dependencies besides the Python standard library and is so lightweight that the module for it is a single file. It handles everything you need to create small websites…

The OBS logo!

Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is an incredibly powerful tool for live streaming video with a bit of a learning curve up front. Once you’ve got your live streaming running, you may discover you want to optimize it. Today I’ll walk you through how to choose the right bitrate for your OBS live stream

Before We Get Started — Set up OBS!

This section is for readers who want to create a high quality live stream with OBS, but haven’t yet set it up. Here is how to set OBS for live streaming with

Live Stream with OBS and

What is Video Bitrate?

Video bitrate is how much data for your…

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You’ve been inspired by your favorite live streamer, or maybe your boss asked you to create a live stream for work. If it’s your first time live streaming, it can be a little overwhelming to get started. But with’s list of things to consider for your project, you will be live streaming your show in no time!

Brainstorming a Live Stream Concept

Some people know exactly what they want to live stream. If you already have your concept, don’t worry about this section. If you find yourself trying to come up with ideas, here’s some things to try:

  1. Look at other people’s live streams…

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For live streaming, quality in general is incredibly important. In fact when polled by Vimeo’s Livestream and New York Magazine , 67% of poll participants said quality is the most important factor when watching a livestream. Good lighting is a big part of creating a quality experience for your viewers. And often, it’s required in order to provide a smooth live stream.

If you plan to use built-in equipment like the web camera that comes with a Mac (iSight) you can’t choose the fps. Your computer will choose it for you, and will be based on your lighting. If your…

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