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Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is an incredibly powerful tool for live streaming video with a bit of a learning curve up front. Once you’ve got your live streaming running, you may discover you want to optimize it. Today I’ll walk you through how to choose the right bitrate for your OBS live stream

Before We Get Started — Set up OBS!

This section is for readers who want to create a high quality live stream with OBS, but haven’t yet set it up. Here is how to set OBS for live streaming with

Live Stream with OBS and

What is Video Bitrate?

Video bitrate is how much data for your…

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You’ve been inspired by your favorite live streamer, or maybe your boss asked you to create a live stream for work. If it’s your first time live streaming, it can be a little overwhelming to get started. But with’s list of things to consider for your project, you will be live streaming your show in no time!

Brainstorming a Live Stream Concept

Some people know exactly what they want to live stream. If you already have your concept, don’t worry about this section. If you find yourself trying to come up with ideas, here’s some things to try:

  1. Look at other people’s live streams…

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For live streaming, quality in general is incredibly important. In fact when polled by Vimeo’s Livestream and New York Magazine , 67% of poll participants said quality is the most important factor when watching a livestream. Good lighting is a big part of creating a quality experience for your viewers. And often, it’s required in order to provide a smooth live stream.

If you plan to use built-in equipment like the web camera that comes with a Mac (iSight) you can’t choose the fps. Your computer will choose it for you, and will be based on your lighting. If your…

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Today for ‘Is it Possible?’ let’s take a look at creatures of the night. I’m talking about vampires. At this point we have so many versions of vampires, it’s hard to precisely define them. I think we can all agree if somebody’s describing one, they’ll probably mention that they can’t walk in the sun, they drink blood and have fangs. After that, depending on who’s telling the vampire story, they can do magic, they hate holy objects and holy water, they’re rich, they’re immortal, they look extra hot (or extra creepy…or both whaaat), they can fly, and you can’t see…

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When new comedians (or aspiring comedy writers) set out to write jokes, a typical goal is to be as original as possible. Attend any open mic and you’ll see new performers struggling to tell you something you’ve never heard before. The jokes start to get pretty outlandish sometimes. For some comedians and joke writers, being really bizarre works for them, and that’s how they get an original sounding voice. If you’re not one of those people, you might get stuck wondering how you can be original. …

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You can extract a list of frames at evenly spaced intervals through your video using Python and FFMPEG. This information could be used to do a quick skim of a video or create a trailer for the video programmatically — you could stitch the frames back together afterwards into a short video.

The code sample for how to extract images for your video uses the ffmpeg-python module.

  1. You should have the video you want to extract images from in the same folder as the code sample if you want to use the sample as-is. …

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Anyone who’s ever experienced anxiety, panic attacks, or a stressful week has probably learned something about breathing techniques. Pick up your typical, well meaning article, and it talks about the importance of breathing slowly. Breathing slowly is how we breathe when we are not stressed or freaked out about something. So, the general idea for relaxing, is to slow your breathing back down. If you’re like me, you’ve tried this and found that it doesn’t work. Maybe you start breathing slowly, but your body is still crunched up with stress. Or maybe your heart is beating like a kick drum…

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Typically, you should never delete your commit history. However, if you’re working on your own project or a repository that isn’t used by many people, you might want to delete your commit history without touching the code. Here are some reasons to consider it:

  • You have tons of check-ins from working to get something ready and you’d rather release the project for the first time with a clean slate and one commit.
  • You did something dumb, like accidentally upload an api key or other sensitive information. If you do this, you need to take the steps to replace the key…

The bounce rate for websites is one of the most popular and misunderstood Google Analytics metrics to measure site health

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The bounce rate for websites is one of the most popular, and misunderstood¹ Google Analytics metrics to measure site health. Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions a page of your website has where the viewer doesn’t perform any action on the page.

This can also be applied to blog posts, for the duration of the article we’ll say page. However, a page is static, evergreen content, whereas a blog post is often more dynamic, easier to update, and you create new posts regularly.

When it’s high, site managers worry about the quality of their site, and the impact…

(Which we probably are not worthy of)

If you follow superhero movies, then you’ve probably seen Marvel’s comic book hero Thor. Based on the Aesir god Thor from Norse mythology, he first appeared in Marvel comics in 1962, and appeared in a whopping eight Marvel movies so far. One of the most important aspects of this character is his weapon — Mjolnir. It can only be wielded by one who is worthy, and it seems to grant a lot of different powers to whoever has control of it. Is it possible to create a hammer with these powers? Let’s find out!

Thor and Mjolnir in Norse Mythology

Before comic book Thor appeared on…

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